A Highland Fling

We were truly honoured to witness love bloom between this gorgeous dance instructor and mad keen golfer on the stunning mountain ranges of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. While the unpredictable weather did its best to toy with this lovestruck couple's nuptials at picturesque Flaxton Gardens, nothing could take the smiles away from all who attended – proving once again that love conquers all. 

United State of Love

This couple was so much fun in the lead up to their wedding and on the day. What could have been a hugely stressful two or so months to organise a wedding, culminated in a relaxed, warm and truly beautiful celebration of Lee and Peter's love for each other. So important are family and friends, that the gorgeous couple had their portraits done before the ceremony to allow them more time with loved ones afterwards. A fab US honeymoon awaited after they tied the knot, so we found some pretty cool settings to reflect their love of all things New York. Enjoy!



A family affair

We could tell instantly that family and friends are a huge part of Matt and Bec's life. And vice versa. Super friendly and welcoming, the city-loving couple invited us to share one very special day with them, as they graduated from high school sweethearts to man and wife. On a day filled with colourful stories, it was so nice to be embraced by their wonderful family and to capture every magical moment - even the impromptu cake fight!

McGready_Wedding_Getting Ready-41.jpg
McGready_Wedding_Getting Ready-58.jpg

Our Reef & Rural Adventure

We recently had a super time snapping a wedding in central Queensland with the backdrop of the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. It was a nice change to get out of Brisbane and we really enjoyed exploring the place and capturing some pretty awesome images of a gorgeous couple.

The 3-day trip even had a night-time flat tyre in the middle of nowhere! It came straight after being mesmerised by a jaw-dropping scene of horses running wild alongside sparkling wetlands, as the sun sank slowly behind the mountains. We really loved shooting in regional Queensland and can't wait to do it again.

RoneyMastersReefPost (9 of 16).jpg
RoneyMastersReefPost (10 of 16).jpg
RoneyMastersReefPost (7 of 16).jpg
RoneyMastersReefPost (15 of 16).jpg
Sunset in the middle of nowhere with only horses about and right before our flat tyre.

Sunset in the middle of nowhere with only horses about and right before our flat tyre.

Here's to Happiness

Your wedding day is something to celebrate and savour. Whether it's a beach backdrop at sunset or somewhere special filled with historical charm, you'll have hundreds of unique and magical memories to look back on with a smile. 

The School Formal - a night to remember

Roney Masters Formal 1

Once-in-a-lifetime moments like a Year 12 Formal seem to take an eternity to arrive and yet are gone in the blink of an eye. For the Belles of the Ball, all the stressful months of pondering over dresses, shoes, hair and makeup are quickly forgotten once the knock on the door signals the arrival of Prince Charming, or that family friend who's stepping in at the last moment. You're left with an unforgettably euphoric high that lasts the whole evening and memories that last a lifetime. I'll never forget mine and I hope these gorgeous young ones don't either. 

Roney Masters Post 1 2014-3.jpg
Roney Masters Post 1 2014-5.jpg
Roney Masters Post 1 2014-7.jpg

Size matters

Ask a bride and groom about some of the smaller details of their wedding day and you may get a furrowed brow or a blank look from them. For most, the day can be a bit of a blur. A day when the happy couple are so focused on each other and being with family and friends, they can easily overlook the many elements that contribute to the beauty of the day.

Yet each wedding day is filled with a great deal of forethought and careful consideration, especially on the bride’s behalf. We've seen them think of absolutely everything to make the day more personal and memorable. 

We both think that the finer details are important in creating a richer, more complete picture of the wedding day. And it’s why we take the time to capture these personal touches that couples have quite often dwelled upon. It could be the handmade place settings you stayed up all night making, or the menu cards outlining the list of dishes you seemed to consume on the day but can't really remember. It could even be the family heirloom that’s been passed down through the generations.

Whatever they are, we make sure you have a record of them, both for your own personal pleasure and to show your grandkids in years to come.



Everybody dance now!

We believe the dance floor’s a pretty special place at a wedding. And it’s not just because we love doing the ‘Funky Chicken’. Tell us your fave wedding song and we’ll post the Top 5 songs.

We think it’s special because it’s the one place where we see everyone being themselves and letting their hair down. When the bride and groom take to it for their bridal waltz the mood is set, love fills the air and everyone feels compelled to join in.

Emotions are completely liberated. We see it when a bride and groom look into each other’s eyes. When the Father of the bride dances with his baby girl one last time. When older couples hold each other as tightly as they did when they first fell in love. And sure, we even see it when someone goes Gangnam Style or breaks out their best 80’s dance moves.

Everyone just feels the love and the need to express it – even the two blokes tapping their toes to the music and taking all the photos. 

Share your fave wedding tune 
So what got you moving or lovin’ at a wedding?
For Daz, it was ‘Come rain or come shine’ by Ray Charles







Farewell, adieu, goodbye.

It may seem a little strange to start our first blog post with the very last act of a wedding, but to us it’s one of the most beautiful and emotive scenes we capture of the whole day. When parents say that final goodbye, it’s a moment filled with emotion – sheer joy, excitement, sadness and relief that everyone made it through the wedding.

It can be a long hug with Mum and Dad, lots of kisses or even just a handshake, a knowing expression and a nod. But more than likely there are tears. And lots of them. It’s just lucky for the bride that many mums still have that emergency reserve compartment of tissues stashed up their sleeve.

Sometimes, even a few tears are shed by those behind the camera. Yes, Ken and I are suckers for truly special moments like these. It’s just such a unique time between parents and their children. I mean, you’re saying goodbye and yet you’re not really, since you’ll still see them regularly. It’s just that they’re all grown up and not completely under your care anymore. All those years raising, nurturing, cheering, supporting, teaching, lecturing and even fighting with them come rolling back. Come the time, I think I’ll be a blithering mess when I say goodbye to my own two beautiful girls. As I’m sure Ken will as well.